Open Call:  The Catalogue Of Failures

The Catalogue of Failures is a print experiment and digital collection that re-situates ‘failure’ as both fertile and routine. The Catalogue acts as a device for generating conversations about creative practice, being an artist, accepted norms (and the unacceptable), worthiness, and value. Failures are decontextualized and presented [encountered] as works to be explored and experienced. 

Contributions are now invited for the Spring 2021 Catalogue. 

“Failure is not the end of everything but a chance for redeploying our efforts: a change of path.” [Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Wheel of Fortune - X]

“By admitting one’s failures, new regions of delight open.” [Bahauddin]

Submission guidelines:

Your submission can consist of any kind of printable matter, including photographs, drawings, film stills and text. Text works should be no longer than approximately 750 words. You are free to submit multiple works.

Please send all submissions as high-quality JPEG or PDF files to, including your name (if you would like your name to be printed alongside your submission). 

Submissions are open on a rolling basis: if your work is not selected for the Spring issue, it will be kept for consideration for future issues.

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