Alice Clough is a research-based artist whose work spans across varied media including sculpture, photography and socially-engaged practice. With a background in both anthropology and archaeology, Alice locates her work across and between spaces and disciplines. Her research interests focus around methodologies of the heart, decolonisation, posthumanism, place and ritual.

Clough’s art is one of excavation, using the journey of the human spirit as inspiration. Her work often has a ritualistic element, using placement and repetition to create museum-like inventories, or materialising honest and tender rites. She is currently focused on exploring the role of cultural narratives in enabling or preventing social change, including human/more-than-human relations, indigenous pedagogy, vulnerability and resilience. 

Alice has 7 years experience as a university tutor, and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

She has presented work at conferences throughout the UK and Europe, including at CRAASH (University of Cambridge) and Glasgow School of Art.

Alice has experience of designing and delivering workshops for adults and children, in schools and in nature.


In Press Gestures of making: an exploration of material / body dialogue through art process. Co-written with Fo Hamblin. In Tracing Gestures: The Art and Archaeology of Bodily Communication, Bloomsbury World Archaeology Series.

2016 Make, mistake, journey: practice-led research and ways of learning. Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN, special edition. Co-written with Anna Piper.

2011 Combating Urban Disengagement? Stickers as a form of street art. UCL Working Papers Series, Paper No. 09/2011.

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